Nick will be homebrewing several beers to serve at the reception. He will keep this page updated with more information as he brews throughout the year. Check back soon to see updates!


Laura's Saison

Laura loves belgium beer, and this is a beer that Nick has made before that she loves. It's a darker siason fermented on currants to add a dark fruit flavor. (6%)


Nick's Brown

One of Nick's favorite styles of beer is the malty and caramelly brown ale. Brewed with biscuit malt to really bring the toasted flavors out! (4.5%)


Hazy IPA

The new IPA fad - Citrusy, hazy, and refreshing. Made with barley, wheat, oats, and lots of hops. (5%)


Cream Ale

A light, refreshing, crisp beer that is easy to drink. (4.5%)